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Banking on our knowledge and expertise, we are a renowned, Manufacturer, Exporter, and Importer of Aluminum Housed Braking Resistor, Braking Resistor, Neutral Earthing Resistor, Motor Starting Resistor and more.

Wire Wound Resistor

Coiled Wire ResistorsGet Quotation

Coiled Wire Resistors

Wire Wound ResistorsGet Quotation

Wire Wound Resistors

Silicon Coated Wirewound

Ceramic Encased Wire Wound Resistor

High Power Wire Grid Resistors

Aluminium Housed Chassis Wire Wound Resistor

Slim Type Aluminium Housed Resistor

High Power Aluminium Resistor

Aluminum Housed Metal Clad Braking Resistors

High Power Slim-Type Aluminum Housed Resistor

Coiled Wire

Coiled Wire ResistorGet Quotation

Coiled Wire Resistor

Resistance Boxes

Resistance BoxesGet Quotation

Resistance Boxes

Metal Braking Resistor

Dynamic Braking Resistor

Neutral Grounding Resistors

High Power Punched Grid Resistors

Cement Wire Wound Resistor

Industrial Resistive Load Bank

Motor Starting Resistor

Neutral Earthing Resistor

Aluminum Braking Resistor

Punched Grid Resistor

Punched Grid ResistorGet Quotation

Punched Grid Resistor

Round Wire Resistors

Round Wire ResistorsGet Quotation

Round Wire Resistors

Fixed Type & Adjustable Type Wire Wound Resistors

Edge Wound Resistors

Edge Wound ResistorsGet Quotation

Edge Wound Resistors

Housed Chassis Mounted Wire

Metal Clad Braking Resistors

Load Bank

Load BankGet Quotation

Load Bank

Starting Resistor

Starting ResistorGet Quotation

Starting Resistor